Functional Roadmapping


Microsoft 365 Functional Roadmapping Workshops

Unleash the true potential of Microsoft 365 in your organization

The road towards a functioning digital workplace starts with planning. Many years of experience in the implementation of digital workplace projects for clients of various sizes and from varied industries let us develop the approach that minimizes risk resulting form improperly planned implementation, and help us fully use any licenses owned by our client. Functional Roadmapping is a service addressed to organizations that want to build a high level plan for delivery of additional value on the Microsoft 365 platform.

How to show your employees the value of these solutions?

How to make it easier for teams and how to plan their work at the highest level?

How to get a return on investment and at the same time fully utilize the potential of Microsoft 365?

Does any of the above sound familiar?



Low return on investment?

It is likely that you don’t fully utilize the potential of the implemented platform.

Users fail to adopt the solution?

It’s possible that the business areas supported by Microsoft 365 platform have not been defined correctly.

There is a multitude of systems and apps not connected to one another in your organization?

It is probably due to the incorrect implementation order.

You feel that the benefits form information sharing are limited?

Maybe your information infrastructure hasn’t been properly planned.

During workshops we show how the Microsoft 365 services and solutions like VIVA (Connections, Insights, Topics, Learning), Teams, Yammer, SharePoint or PowerPoint and the digital workplaces created on their basis support employees in the following areas:

Information publishing and communication

Cooperation and community functions

Security and access to key processes and business data


Plan the future of your organization

Functional Roadmapping workshops result in a long-term plan for realization of implementation and adoption of a Digital Workplace platform. During workshops, a plan is created that clearly sets forth what solutions available on the Microsoft 365 platform address previously diagnosed needs of an organization and its employees. As a part of the workshops, we recommend the implementation order of particular functionalities and apps of the platform, taking into account:

Delivery costs

Business value

Project complexity

Required organization engagement

Design your digital platform to support your business goals!

Creation of the road map based on the latest MS Viva components increases employee engagement, leads to 17% increase of productivity and improves MS cloud ROI!

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