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Transform your business communication and keep your employees connected with Engagy Comms today!

Good communication between employees and managers is the fuel that keeps companies running and thriving. From onboarding to keeping teams connected, and in doing so, moving your business forward – you need your communication to be engaging and efficient. That’s why we’ve put communication at the forefront of Engagy Comms.

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One solution. So many ways to stay connected. Find out how Engagy Comms works!

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Publish original content and create better-than-ever customer engagement

Engagy Comms is a solution based on SharePoint Online, which allows for quick communication with your employees. A built-in CMS (Content Management System) lets you easily create pages and publish informative content. Microsoft Teams push notifications allow you to always stay on top of current issues.

Promote your content and reach the right audience!

With Engagy Comms, your employees will first see the information that is relevant to them. You decide what content is displayed on the main page and how long it will remain visible. You can also tailor your content to recipients based on their function or location.

Keep all your communication under one roof and stop wasting time on search

With Engagy Comms you can create various content categories, such as current company affairs, HR information, or industry news. Build your own topics! Make it easy for your employees to find the information they need.

Stay connected – work more easily with everyone and build connections

Engagy Comms allows you to build department info cards with all the information that is necessary for effective collaboration. If you’re looking for the contact details of a particular person, you can find them in the directory, searching by the employee’s name, surname or department.

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Analyze activity

Analyze activity – and optimize your current workflows!

Monitor usage through embedded Microsoft 365 functionalities or tools such as Google Analytics and Microsoft Clarity. Find out how people are using the portal and which content is the most popular. With heatmaps, you can also analyze your page content in terms of usability and intuitiveness.

Ensure high-quality content to get good user reviews!

Nothing helps you perfect a page like good user reviews. With Engagy Comms, users can easily share their feedback - be it to alert you about an error they spotted, inform you about some information in the system no longer being valid, or simply share their opinion.

Create a great workplace experience with branded content!

Let’s not forget about great design! You will be able to create a unique look for all your materials but also make sure your content is always personalized to a region or a season. We can design a dedicated portal layout for you that aligns closely with your brand guidelines.

Great workplace experience with branded content

Here’s why Engagy Comms is the best tool to support your…

...everyday communication

It saves you an hour per employee per month on time spent searching for information. You can easily calculate how much this equates to annually! Not to mention, of course, the reduced frustration and increased productivity you’ll notice in your team. And all that with increased document security and reduced risk of data leaks.

...onboarding of new team members

A well-designed information architecture makes it easy to locate the necessary content, such as company information, organizational charts, location list, or employee contact details. This can make a major difference for all new team members, making their first week with you much less stressful.

...employees engagement and efficiency

It saves 8 hours per month per employee by reducing the duplication of effort through the implementation of efficient document libraries.

With improved communication, easier access to relevant information and the ability to provide feedback and have an impact on projects, your company’s culture will become a magnet for acquiring and retaining talent.

...brand awareness

Engagy Comms comes bundled with the Engagy Designs service, which helps make your information stand out with the use of powerful design.

It helps to drive the employees’ connection with the company and build a positive image of the organization, both internally and externally.

Engagy Comms powers the future of business communication across any vertical. See what it can do for you!

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Engaged employees are up to 17% more efficient.

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You can increase your chances by 3x of getting ahead of the competition if you implement an internal communication program


And let’s not forget that....

Using Microsoft 365 licenses reduces costs and drives return on investment

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