Manage energy instead of time

Well-rounded Modern Workplace Experience on Microsoft Cloud

Engagy Comms

Streamlined and Targeted Communication

Engagy Designs

Inviting, Flexible, and Brand Compliant Visuals

Engagy Knowledge

Smart, AI-Powered Expert System

Engagy Collab

Standardized, Automated, and Secure Collaboration

Engagy Ideas

Green Light Thinking and Co-Creation Management

Engagy Learning

Dynamic, AI-Powered LMS

Case Study

Here are examples of our work, where you can hear about our approach, solutions, and effective adoption, from the customer perspective.

Vision Express

Our approach to digital experience needs and motivators


  • Hybrid
  • Mobile
  • Omnichannel

Digital Confidence

  • Single Source of Truth
  • Right-sized Policy
  • Automated Governance & Security

Brand and Team Identity

  • Targeted Communication
  • Profiled Collaboration
  • Team and Social Branding

Participation and Recognition

  • Green Light Thinking
  • Co-Creation

Continous and Sustainable Growth

  • Personalized Development

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