Communication Jumpstart


Optimal Engagy implementation

Building Trust and Engagement with Engagy Implementation

Communication Jumpstart is a service that helps you seamlessly implement Engagy solutions into your organization’s processes and workflows. Each step has been designed to deliver maximum business value from every tool. Plus, we’re with you every step of the way to make sure that everything happens in the right order.

Implementation schedule - Building Trust and Engagement with Engagy Implementation

A process optimized for your success!

Activities have been divided into four categories with easy-to-follow steps.

Perfection by Design

To have an impactful communication portal design you need to build your information architecture and map your communication channels. You can do this by leveraging existing plans or by creating a new strategy. What does this involve?

Team kickoff – firstly, we introduce the project. We discuss the goals and schedules, and establish dates for upcoming workshops and assignments.

Workshops of architecture design – we show you SharePoint features and True Power, and after that, we build the preliminary information architecture together.

Creating a dedicated interface – now it’s time to make this project stand out. We use all the information we have gathered, combine it with your brand identity guidelines, and prepare a stellar interface.

Quick and Efficient Development Process

We use off-the-shelf features of Engagy Comms and Microsoft 365 to create a solution tailored to your needs. We also make sure that your administrators are fully equipped to work with the new tool.

Automatic portal implementation – we install the solution in the production environment, review procedures, grant access privileges and configure groups. This is everything your new communication portal needs for a proper launch!

Solution configuration - we make sure all of the solutions are ready to work from day one.

Administrator training – all the knowledge you need to work with the new solution. We discuss training documentation, teach you how to configure SharePoint and practice the basic business scenarios.

Branding and creating unique experiences – we design the portal’s layout based on the legacy design.

Preparation as a Key to Success

We work with editors on delivering content that can be available for users in the following stages.

Workshops for editors – divided into no more than three meetings. We train editors to be able to use the basic SharePoint features and IT-Dev solutions dedicated for your company. We practice basic business scenarios and draft a list of current topics necessary for the production launch of the portal.

Preparing Go-Live content – we work on particular pieces of content and recommend ideas for content that should be created internally by the editors.

Communicating the change – together with your internal communication specialists, we draft a change communication plan, using the tools already at your disposal. Leveraging all the content and visual material,s we present the solution to employees and provide necessary information on the change process.

Promotion and launch

We inform all employees about the exact dates of launch and provide training. To make this engaging and fun, we hold some competitions and use a lot of visual materials.

Promotional campaign – developed together with your internal specialists. We suggest the theme, campaign claims, and designs that have proven themselves in the past but also include your organization's unique needs. We also develop the main concept for an employee contest!

Dedicated webinars for readers – we present the basic business scenarios behind the portal’s functionalities – including those offered by SharePoint and the dedicated IT-Dev solutions.