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Create a Culture of Continuous Learning and Growth with AI Driven LMS in Microsoft Teams

Growth is the goal for both businesses and individuals. Companies strive to help their staff develop their potential—supporting them to become the experts they want to be…

But what is the best way to ensure that people can find and engage with the right content in order to develop the right skills, and in doing so achieve much-needed business outcomes for your organization?

The answer is an integrated learning solution. This should include a sequence of activities, often from different sources and in different formats, devised to develop new skills and behaviors.

Growth is learning put into action—action that benefits the whole company and its culture.

Learning Management System

Grow your people and business more effectively with Engagy Learning

Engagy Learning uses AI to seamlessly integrate training with everyday work. Finding time for learning has never beeneasier, thanks to personalized flows and proven gamification modules.

Leverage the power of microlearning. Break down corporate training programs into bite-sized online courses through mobile learning, question banks, and Wikis.

Find the right time in your employee's busy schedule with smart calendar fitting features.

Use gamification and challenges to drive your learning programs.

Create individual development paths for individuals in your organization.

Develop learning communities across courses and programs with MS Teams chat features.

Learning Management System - User journey
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