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Innovate at the speed of Start-ups. Unleash Your organization’s creative potential

60% of entrepreneurs say that employees are the most important asset in the innovation process

Reinventing innovation - Five findings to guide strategy through execution, PWC

Today companies cannot afford innovation to be a occasional event. They need it to be transformed into a repeatable and effective process.

54% of cutting-edge organizations face the challenge of balancing between business and innovation strategy

50+ statistics on innovation – What do the numbers tell us?, Viima

Stop the cycle of unsuccessful products, failed projects, and mediocre results….

Engagy Ideas systematizes your organization's innovation management process

Transform the way you gather insights and innovate with Engagy Ideas!

Engagy Ideas is the collaborative innovation management software that helps companies reveal hidden potential and co-create ideas for future revenue.

We provide you with a secure space what will allow you to share, analyze and approve your ideas easily and efficiently.

Your employees get heard and have a real influence on the company’s future which helps them stay motivated and supports the development of your company culture.

Develop new concepts faster and improve your company processes and products.

How does it work?

1. It all starts with an idea

Employees can share their ideas through a widely available form. Optimization of existing processes or creating new products are good examples of initiatives that can be filed within Engagy Ideas. The system of evaluating the ideas allows for efficient verification of their value and alignment with the company’s business strategy.

2. You approve ideas, and Engagy Ideas prepares the space necessary to work on them!

The approval of an idea triggers an automatic workspace creation process. Once created, ideas are seamlessly transferred to the development team for realization. As work areas are created using a template, all the tabs and folders are always in the same location. Employees can intuitively access the project without wasting time on tedious onboarding.

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3. You continuously adapt to ever-changing business conditions

Each initiative can be put on hold or resumed as the situation requires. The idea edition forms lets you update data quickly.

4. Once the ideas start to pile up, we help you keep on top of them

With a large number of initiatives, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Thanks to the filtering options, you will quickly find whatever you are looking for.

5. You get the benefit of coordinating all projects from one place

It doesn’t have to be hard to communicate with project teams! Engagy Ideas automatically creates a project team for each of the approved ideas. This reduces the communication around a project to a single location, accessible to all involved employees.

Engagy Ideas - possibilities shown in the graph

Here’s why Engagy Ideas is the best tool to support your business innovation:

The transparent process of initiative reporting encourages employees to share their ideas – unveiling their hidden potential.

The tool provides an opportunity for employees to implement or change a product based on need.

Your team can introduce new products and improvement ideas much faster.

Your existing processes are optimized and efficient thanks to the unique perspective of your employees.

Your processes of idea creation, approval and realization are standardized and repeatable.

Your company can reap the benefits of innovation, rapid growth, and higher engagement.

You can onboard teams to the product much quicker thanks to an intuitive workplace interface. You get easier access to the project resources.

You can reduce the time taken from idea submission to project completion.