Our approach

5th part of pyramid - Continuos and Sustainable Growth - Personalised Development
4th part of pyramid - Participation and Recognition - Green Light Thinking, Co-Creation
3rd part of pyramid - Brand and Team Identity - Targeted Communication, Profiled Collaboration, Team and Social Branding
2nd part of pyramid - Digital Confidence - Single Source of Truth, Right-sized Policy, Automated Governance & Security
1st part of pyramid - Fundamentals - Hybrid, Mobile,Omnichannel

Digital Experience Needs and Motivators

In the wake of the pandemic and the vast shift to flexible work from anywhere policies, 65% of workers say they feel less connected to their coworkers.

Employee disconnection is one of the main drivers of voluntary turnover, lower productivity, more missed days at work, and lower quality of work.

How can companies create digital workplaces that will allow them to reconnect with employees?

What is a truly productive and human-centered digital workplace? Which employee needs you should address while creating such a workplace? To answer all these questions you need to address the employee's needs…step by step.


The basic infrastructure and services for communication, collaboration, and business process enable more flexible and mobile ways of working

The digital business environment is friendly to business users and helps non-tech-savvy people quickly get to grips with tech in the workplace

Digital Confidence

Employees can complete day-to-day tasks and realize business goals without advanced knowledge about compliance, governance, or data security

The right-sized policy enforcement is automated, built into the background, and is relevant to domains, roles, and the sensitivity of use-case scenarios

Data is centralized, assuring information quality to better deal with a turbulent, rapidly changing business environment

Brand and Team Identity

Digital communication is engaging, and it builds the feeling of belonging to the company

Knowledge and best practices are managed effectively, easily accessible, and relevant to all individual business groups

Collaboration and project services are standardized and organized for different audiences, and available on demand in a team-oriented self-service

Change and adoption initiatives are planned and effectively executed. All stakeholders are notified in advance based on their individual needs and interests

Participation and Recognition

The modern workplace is designed to maximize fairness and performance. It promotes individual strengths for the benefit of others

Open-minded culture enables individuals to participate in the development of new products and market strategies

Individual successes and contributions are recognized, awarded, and celebrated across the teams

Continuous and Sustainable Growth

Smart LMS analyses user schedules and patterns to suggest optimal time slots for learning and training to ensure that the development of new skills becomes a habit

Micro and mobile e-learning with gaming and social features supports common habits of digital-native learners