Engagy Knowledge


Centralize and manage the insights that are critical to your business success

Companies need a better way of ensuring that knowledge which is critical to their businesses is passed down from current experts to the next generation. It is their experience and insights that enable future success so it makes sense to devote care and attention to their proper management.

What does knowledge management look like in organizations today?

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11% of employees' time is spent unnecessarily searching for or reproducing information

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50% of organizations struggle with knowledge sharing issues

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14% of companies report that knowledge management tools are at the bottom of their list of preferred information-sharing tools

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80% of managers are satisfied with the state of knowledge management tools they have; among other employees, the rate is only 28%.

What do employees need when it comes to knowledge management?

  • A single source of knowledge in the organization
  • Reducing the time spent on information retrieval
  • Speeding up the process of finding the information they need

Leverage your knowledge and unlock the potential of your employees with Engagy Knowledge

Engagy Knowledge is a solution that can recognize context, concepts, and meaning to help keep your knowledge systematized and easy to access at all time.

Importantly, it also reduces the time spent searching for necessary information and introducing helpful virtual assistants.

And as a bonus - it is really simple to add new content to the database and keep it up to date with automatic knowledge-building mechanisms.

All of this makes the onboarding process significantly easier and provides a solid basis for independent problem-solving.

Engagy Knowledge - Lightbulb

Engagy Knowledge is aligned with the core pillars of a strong digital knowledge management strategy:


Keep your employees engaged and motivated to share and seek new knowledge with gamification functionalities


Build and curate a community of experts within your company using Yammer


Secure a continuous supply of good quality information with registry functions


Analyze how your employees behave and optimize your strategy for maximum success with the analytics module.


Introduce effective systems for information organization with knowledge base functions


Make sure your content is seen and recognized with push notifications and features supporting communication visibility


Nail your employee's needs and address them in real-time with an intuitive feedbacking system


Enrich existing knowledge using AI mechanisms with automation workflows

Engagy Knowledge is based on SharePoint and enriched with mechanisms that facilitate the delivery of knowledge. You get access to a log of article requests, and proposals for articles, and you can manage them with a structured editorial process. With AI-driven BOTs you can curate your content.

Engagy Knowledge - See how it looks

Let’s leverage the power of insights and knowledge sharing in your company!

Enable faster and more accurate decision making

Simplify the process of searching for information

Reuse and repurpose existing materials like concepts, documents and project experiences

Eliminate waste and duplication of effort

Reduce the risk of creating repetitive materials

Leverage your previous experiences and practice in everyday work

Easily communicate key information across the whole company

Get access to methodologies, tools, templates, techniques and examples for your knowledge management strategy

Increase the awareness of best practices in the area of problem-solving

Stimulate innovation and company growth with better knowledge sharing

Ready to create an efficient knowledge management strategy for your company?


  • Recognized
  • Awarded
  • Actively seeking knowledge
  • Motivated to share knowledge


  • Catalogued
  • Available
  • Ready to use
  • Enriched with artificial intelligence mechanisms


  • Balanced
  • Creating a comprehensive knowledge management strategy
  • Demand balances supply