Collaboration Jumpstart


Successfully Launch Your New Remote Workplace

Collaboration Jumpstart is a service tailored to support you in launching your company’s remote work setup on the Microsoft 365 platform. We will help you build your modern workplace using our best practice and industry solutions. We’ll also ensure that the process is smooth, enjoyable - and most of all beneficial to your employees. Find the answers to the most pressing questions that might be running through your head:

How can we quickly implement remote collaboration and communication?

How can we make sure our employees use the M365 platform correctly?

How can we ensure that everyone has the necessary access?

How can we address ever-growing employee expectations and make sure that we can tailor the platform accordingly?

How can we implement all the above without compromising safety, and while remaining compliant with the regulations?

Our experts will take you through a proven implementation process and will provide all the necessary support. You’ll be able to get started in just three easy steps.

Collaboration Jumpstart in just three easy steps

Step I

Assessing the situation and planning the implementation process

Experts will efficiently guide you through the remote work options that Microsoft 365 provides, and they will advise on how to train your users in the quickest and most efficient way.

Step II

Launching basic remote work scenarios with the Microsoft 365 tools (Teams, SharePoint, Yammer)

Our specialists implement a plan that has been previously developed, meaning that the processes necessary for remote collaboration in your organization begins to function. It allows your employees to get started with key business activities.

Step III

Introducing best practices, guidelines for digital collaboration, and safety regulations

The digital workplace structure is adapted to the needs of the organization. Thanks to the delivery of automated self-service scenarios, the developed solutions are balanced and safe. Your users collaborate and communicate effectively.